Rock The House is a PR company that specializes in written press releases, biographies, interviews and logo/artwork design for the electronic music industry. Our main goal is to make our customers happy and stand out. We will go the extra mile to achieve that.
Rock The House PR

What we can provide

Press Releases

A custom tailored press release to announce your newest release to the press.


A biography that tells your personal story which you can use to let the public learn more about you.


A custom designed logo that represents you as an artist.


A custom designed artwork that will make your release stand out.


Words for social media channels, words for websites, interviews and other graphic design work.

Logo Deals

Basic Package
Premium Package

Recent Work

Artwork: Pixel Empire

We created an easy to work with template for all future ‘Pixel Empire’ releases. Whetter you use a color or an image as background, the name of the artist and track will always stand out.

Logo: Pixel Empire

The logo for the ‘Pixel Empire’ record company. As a pixel is a square, we knew we had to something with that. This is the end result.

Logo: Rock The House PR

Our very first official logo was for our own company. We played with a lot of ideas before eventually settling on this one. It’s clean, simple and it stands out. We love it.

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